RIRDC Project Papers

There are a number of Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) lucerne seed indsutry reports available for your interest. Click on the links to be transferred to the RIRDC website.

Alternatively, should you require a hard copy, please contact Jenny Aitken at Lucerne Australia. Click here. Copies are available free of charge for Lucerne Australia members.

  • Economic Analysis of the Lucerne Seed Industry (Publication 08-103) Click here
  • Producing Quality Lucerne Hay (Publication 08-101) Click here
  • An Alternative to Border Check Irrigation: Comparison of border check to drop tube centre pivot irrigation for lucerne irrigated (Publication 08-014) Click here
  • The Invisible Reality of Groundwater Salinity: Monitoring salt accessions in irrigated lucerne seed production (Publication 06-053) Click here
  • Dividing the Droplet: A water balance study for lucerne seed production resourced by an underground aquifer (Publication 05-116) Click here 
  • Technical Report on a Water Balance Study for Lucerne Seed Production, resourced by an Underground Aquifer (Publication 05-119) Click here
  • Understanding and Managing the causes of Abnormal Seedlings in Lucerne (Publication 08-023) Click here 
  • An Evaluation of Lucerne Varieties for Seed Yield and Strategies to enhance Seed Production (Publication: 02-099) Click here 
  • Pollination Australia - Booklet (Publication 07-180) Click here
  • Improving Lucerne Pollination with Leafcutter Bees, Stage 2 (Publication 06-108) Click here
  • Evaluating and Managing Lucerne Seed Wasp in Lucerne Seed Crops (Publication 01-136) Click here
  • Living with the Enemy: Managing Lucerne Seed Wasp in Lucerne Seed Crop (Publication 01-135) Click here 
  • Bacterial Wilt of Lucerne (Publication 05-101) Click here
  • Bacterial Wilt of Lucerne Management Strategies (Publication 10-009) Click here
  • Australian Lucerne Yellow Disease - Pathogen, Vector and Control (Publication 05-033) Click here
  • Improving Pest Management in the Australian Lucerne Industry: A review of management of white fringed weevil, small lucerne weevil and broad-back weevil (Publication 09-172) Click here