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In-field Fertiliser Trial

In-Field Lucerne Seed Fertiliser Trial

AgXtraApril 2012

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Evaluating different fertilisers on lucerne production

Lucerne Australia applied, and were successful in securing Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) funding to complete a five-year fertiliser trial on the effects of different fertiliser applications on seed yield. We are grateful for RIRDCs ongoing support and encouragement to this new trial.

This is an exciting project! It will provide the first independent, publicly available research into the effects of different fertilisers on lucerne seed for both dryland and irrigated systems, for over 40 years. There has been previous research and forage yields, but limited in the area of fertiliser and its effect of seed yield.

There are eight fertiliser companies involved in this trial, allowing a broad range of products to be researched and analysed. There will be 30 plots - triple replicated - on irrigated lucerne, and 30 plots - triple replicated - on dryland plots, totalling 180 plots. All plots are EM38 mapped to ensure uniformity of the soil types in the areas selected. We would like to thank grower member Scott Campbell, Brecon Proprietors, Keith, for providing the trial sites. Peracto SA is the Project Manager for this trial.

Lucerne Australia enters into this trial with an open mind to determine if any treatments have the ability to promote a consistent yield benefit.

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