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AgriFutures Project Papers

There are a number of AgriFutures lucerne seed industry reports available for your interest. Click on the links to be transferred to the AgriFutures website.


  • Towards a sustainable Australian temperate pasture legume planting seed market Click here
  • Evaluation of different fertilsers for lucerne seed production (Publication 17-053) Click here
  • Economic Analysis of the Lucerne Seed Industry (Publication 08-103) Click here
  • An Alternative to Border Check Irrigation: Comparison of border check to drop tube centre pivot irrigation for lucerne irrigated (Publication 08-014) Click here
  • The Invisible Reality of Groundwater Salinity: Monitoring salt accessions in irrigated lucerne seed production (Publication 06-053) Click here
  • Dividing the Droplet: A water balance study for lucerne seed production resourced by an underground aquifer (Publication 05-116) Click here 
  • Technical Report on a Water Balance Study for Lucerne Seed Production, resourced by an Underground Aquifer (Publication 05-119) Click here
  • Understanding and Managing the causes of Abnormal Seedlings in Lucerne (Publication 08-023) Click here 
  • An Evaluation of Lucerne Varieties for Seed Yield and Strategies to enhance Seed Production (Publication: 02-099) Click here 
  • Pollination Australia - Booklet (Publication 07-180) Click here
  • Improving Lucerne Pollination with Leafcutter Bees, Stage 2 (Publication 06-108) Click here
  • Evaluating and Managing Lucerne Seed Wasp in Lucerne Seed Crops (Publication 01-136) Click here
  • Living with the Enemy: Managing Lucerne Seed Wasp in Lucerne Seed Crop (Publication 01-135) Click here 
  • Bacterial Wilt of Lucerne (Publication 05-101) Click here
  • Bacterial Wilt of Lucerne Management Strategies (Publication 10-009) Click here
  • Australian Lucerne Yellow Disease - Pathogen, Vector and Control (Publication 05-033) Click here
  • Improving Pest Management in the Australian Lucerne Industry: A review of management of white fringed weevil, small lucerne weevil and broad-back weevil (Publication 09-172) Click here