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The Benefits of Membership

  • Lucerne Australia provides single, industry representation for lucerne seed producers.
  • It represents the best interests of lucerne producers in all aspects of production.
  • Members are continually informed on all aspects of the wider use of lucerne in agriculture.
  • The organisation promotes the lucerne seed industry, particularly best production practices.
  • It supports and promotes research, training and development activities pertinent to the lucerne production industry.
  • It facilitates co-operation with statutory entities, government departments and other organisations that impact on the lucerne industry.
  • It provides a forum for the exchange of views and the promotion of discussion, understanding and co-operation within the industry and with government and business.
  • It raises funds to support the association through membership fees and levies.
  • It provides networking opportunities within the lucerne industry.
  • Members receive access to up-to-date trial and research information specific to the lucerne seed industry.
  • There is access to research information that has been conducted.


Research and Development

Research specific to the lucerne seed industry is generated from an industry levy and currently matched dollar for dollar by the government. Lucerne Australia has open communication with departments like the AgriFutures Australia in ensuring that the funds growers pay are maximised and returned for their benefit.

Without an industry body like Lucerne Australia, it would be almost impossible to represent our local area in securing funds.

Levies go into the ‘pasture seeds’ pool of funds to support research projects, which the lucerne seed industry provides a consider-able contribution.

Continued communication and successful applications to ensure funds are returned to lucerne seed production areas, benefit the lucerne seed industry and are integral to future success. Lucerne Australia pursues funds in a professional manner to ensure there is research being undertaken specific to the industry. Lucerne Australia is also an important part in efficiently disseminating re-sults and information directly to you and it takes seriously the dissemination of information to ensure there is practice change.

Governments can be reluctant to fund projects without the support of industry backing during the application process.