Committee Structure

The Executive Committee shall comprise the following:

i. Lucerne Seed Producer Member

ii. Lucerne Seed Producer Member

iii. Lucerne Seed Producer Member

iv. Lucerne Seed Producer Member

v. Lucerne Seed Producer Member

vi. Associate or Lucerne Grower Member

vii. Associate or Lucerne Grower Member

viii. Associate or Lucerne Grower Member

ix. Executive Officer (Treasurer/Secretary)

The affairs of the Association are managed by an Executive Committee. To manage the affairs of Lucerne Australia, the Executive Committee can exercise all powers within the constitution. The Executive Committee may be overruled by a Special General Meeting.

Executive Committee positions will be open for re-election every two years resulting in half the committee being elected every year.

The positions of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson will be elected annually by members of the Executive Committee with the Inaugural Chairperson serving a two year term.

Executive Committee members can only serve for a maximum of 10 consecutive years or five terms, but can nominate again after one non-serving term.

Sub Committees

Sub committees may be formed to investigate particular issues and are appointed and dissolved by the Executive Committee.

Sub committees will consist of Members of the Association and be managed by an Executive Committee member, reporting to the Executive Committee.