Cost of Production

Cost of Production

Updated October 2023

The Lucerne Australia Cost of Production template (LA COP) was originally developed in 2014 to ensure growers have an indication of the true cost of producing a lucerne seed crop on their property. The aim of the template is to help growers make better decisions.

The template is not a true cash flow of the inputs to produce a seed crop, neither is it a true profit and loss. However, it allows growers to enter all of the inputs needed to grow a lucerne seed crop including the year to year variables and the cost of infrastructure, which is often not allowed for.

Excluded are land values, hay production or livestock that may work in with seed crop areas. They have been deliberately excluded so not too distort the figures, which can potentially be misleading when comparing different enterprises in their own right. Included are any inputs to produce a seed crop only.

The template was updated in July 2023 and users must input their own specific individual information as directed by the instructions included in the user manual and template.

Disclaimer: The template is offered by Lucerne Australia solely to provide information. Whilst all due care has been taken in compiling this information, Lucerne Australia and its executive committee, officers and contractors take no responsibility for any persons relying on the template and information, and disclaims all liability for any errors or omissions in this publication.