About Us

Our Vision

To lead and enhance a sustainable Australian lucerne seed industry.

Our Mission

To be a focal point for the industry and to enhance the Australian lucerne seed industry by:

  • Uniting industry stakeholders.
  • Acting as the main point of communication and facilitation within the membership, the wider industry and community
  • Supporting research and development for the industry
  • Providing opportunities for the next generation of seed producers to have an active input into the future.


The following principles guide the way that LA will carry out its vision and mission.

  • Holistic Industry Perspective - Lucerne Australia focuses on the needs and issues of members, giving them a voice on matters of industry significance and ensuring that decision making is representative of members.
  • Supportive Network - Lucerne Australia provides an environment whereby member and stakeholder organisations regard Lucerne Australia as a support network and an open forum for sharing information.
  • Representative and Inclusive - Lucerne Australia aims to achieve its direction from working within the membership at a grass roots level to reflect a growing and changing industry. Collaboration is needed with all industry bodies to seek outcomes for the betterment of the whole industry.

Strategic Direction

Become involved and gain representation within as many facets of our governing stakeholders as possible. Aim to be pro-active and assist in decision making processes which affect our industry rather than being re-active to decisions already made with our consultation.