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Market Reports


Market Reports

sa seed marketers marketers incorporating naracoorte seeds market report

SA Seed Marketers incorporating Naracoorte Seeds Market Report

December 2011

What an unusual trading season.  Yields were down (possibly the worst ever), prices were up, demand was down and the dollar was up, then it was down, then it went back up.  The economic rollercoaster has continued which has made exporting and marketing very difficult.  Domestically, most of the country was too wet for autumn sowing, and by the time it was dry enough to sow it was nearly too late.   Let’s put 2011 behind us.

The 2012 Outlook – The dryland harvest is hanging on by a thread and irrigated crops are a long way off. However, early indications would suggest that with a good cleanout of worldwide lucerne stocks and continued demand this is all pointing to prices remaining stronger in the short term.  If the dollar was to ease back to a more reasonable level it would certainly make sales a whole lot easier.

Good luck to all growers in setting up your lucerne crops.  Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss your marketing options at any stage.

Regards, Jamie Tidy, Naracoorte Seeds
Ph: 0427 621 944

 seedmark market report

Seedmark Market Report

December 2011

The Lucerne market has been reasonably quiet in recent months following the strong demand we saw out of the Middle East in the middle of the year. Companies in South America have been resistant to the current pricing expectations of Australian seed and have chosen to purchase cheaper Italian production to date instead. There is very little carryover now in both Australia and the US which points to a strong selling season in 2012 following what we hope is a successful harvest.

When looking at exports, 3360mt has been exported in the calendar year to 30 September, in stark contrast to last year’s number of 6682mt for the same period in 2010 but much higher than the 2591mt in 2009. Saudi Arabia has dominated as the destination of the seed with 1374mt or 41 per cent of total year to date (932mt July-September), followed by Argentina 629mt (notably only 38mt since July), the USA 483mt, Morocco 176mt, Netherlands 150mt, Egypt 123mt and Sudan 108mt. These seven countries account for 87% of the total.

Whilst it is quite hard to predict the likely outcome of the lucerne market moving forward, if demand continues to be good, coupled with the current and continuing strong hay and cotton prices in the US, the industry can look towards a positive future after what has been a very trying few years.

Finally, Seedmark will be looking for new production areas in 2012 for both its own PBR and FGI varieties, please contact Shane Ebert on 0411 181 166 with any interest you may have.

Craig Myall, General Manager, Seed Technology & Marketing Pty Ltd
Call Shane Ebert on 0411 181 166 

 seed genetics australia market report

Seed Genetics Australia Market Report

December 2011

All SGA seed is committed and the last orders are expected to be shipped and completed by February. Subject to nothing unforseen happening, we expect to be able to return growers around $5.00kg across all certified seed meeting SGA 85 standard,  plus additional quality payments for seed above SGA 90 standard. 

All seed not meeting minimum 85 standard has also been sold and final adjusted prices will be paid out along with the final payments early in the New Year. We also saved the seconds and re-run in large combined lots per variety to get the maximum return. This program has been successful and will provide an additional bonus to growers. 

Prices in the market firmed considerably as the year went on. We made the decision to stand out of the market early until the market established itself once commons became short then also at certain critical times to leverage the market higher. We believe our structured payments and pools have provided the best overall  return to growers in a market that has had such a spread of prices from the low start to the final high prices.

We are confident that next year will also bring excellent returns to growers for SGA varieties. The SGA varieties are performing very well for our clients and they are prepared to pay increased premiums for their improved attributes. Stocks are low and milk, meat and hay prices are good so demand will be strong if there are not too many more catastrophes around the world.

Our R&D program progresses. SuperNova has been sown with several growers this year as a pre wide scale commercial release. This harvest will be the final test, but with an expected further 30 per cent, seed yield advantage over SuperSonic should provide growers with even better returns.

Increased amounts of Basic Seed will be available of all SGA varieties next year and for anyone interested in production please ring Peter Gibbs on 0427 574 027. Should you wish to discuss markets, please call me.

Mark Harvey, Director, Sales and Marketing
Ph: 0419 994 234

 pgg wrightson seeds market report

PGG Wrightson Seeds Market Report

September 2011

The lucerne season still remains interesting. The time delay in testing results has put a lot of pressure on availability and delivery of seed for the autumn domestic sowing season.

Since the window for autumn planting closed, prices for uncertified lucerne have eased. Export demand for uncertified at the same pricing as domestic levels has been minimal coupled with the uncertainty around the American harvest.

Certified seed demand for dormancy 7-9 is still strong but comes with resistance at current price levels. Not to forget that it is only August and we still have another seven months until we are back into the start of our harvest again, and the outlook is for very minimal carryover stock by that time.

As we have reached higher prices, we have seen some traditional markets drop off; Europe, North Africa and Asia have showed little interest at current price levels.

The American harvest is looking at finishing at average levels. Grower prices are also high for the current crop and forward contract pricing for next year’s harvest has still remained high which gives Australia a positive outlook that we will see strength in the certified lucerne market for next season and beyond.

Travis Munday
Ph: 08 8755 1777